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Professor of Visual Communications

Department of Art & Design, University of Delaware

Robyn Phillips-Pendleton is versatile in visual storytelling, illustration, and education. She is a visual storyteller, educator, designer, co-curator, and author, and her work is showcased in national and international exhibitions. Her co-curatorial engagement with the Norman Rockwell Museum's 2022 exhibition, "Imprinted: Illustrating Race," and her role as a Society of Illustrators NY Board of Directors member and Board of Trustees member of the Norman Rockwell Museum highlight her contributions to the field.


Her focus on deconstructing race, identity, history, and societal issues through illustrations, drawings, and paintings demonstrates a commitment to addressing important and complex themes. She lectures globally about the history of illustration and race and is dedicated to education and fostering awareness in these areas.


Robyn's involvement in various boards and organizations, including being an ICON 12 2024 Conference Board member and a United States Air Force Artist, reflects her commitment to the broader illustration community. Her academic contributions, including being a professor of Visual Communications at the University of Delaware and serving as an interim director of the MFA in Illustration Practice program at Maryland Institute College of Art, showcase her commitment to academic excellence and practical application.


Robyn Phillips-Pendleton's background, from earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University to obtaining a Master of Fine Arts in Illustration from Syracuse University, reflects a foundation in communication arts and the specialized field of illustration. Overall, her multifaceted roles and accomplishments highlight her as a prominent figure in the intersection of illustration, education, and social consciousness, contributing to the ongoing discourse on race, perception, and responsibility in illustration.

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